April 14, 2011

Let it Grow

We finally got a break in the weather last weekend that lasted long enough to do some planting.  We planted eight long rows of mangels (since they proved to be such great feed for almost all the animals), as well as a few rows of carrots - for both the animals and the people.

All this is being done in the "new" part of the garden, which is the field directly adjacent to the fenced-in "old" garden.  The additional space comes at a bit of a cost though: part of the field has a fierce quack grass infestation that will have do be dealt with (by hand) right away.  Fortunately, the plowing and harrowing have left the rhizomes laying on top of the soil where they can easily be pulled out.  Next to the "new" garden we're planting fields of oats and wheat.  With the seed drill, which has a six foot span, it takes Ryan less than a day to plant it all.  When the ground warms up a little, we'll plant the rest of the garden, and move everything that's now in the greenhouses outdoors.

April 6, 2011

Milkcow's Calf Blues

We separate Lilac and her little steer calf every night so that there is milk in the mornings.  He was a bit upset about the situation for a few nights, but has adjusted to the routine and is happy now as long as he has some grain and hay.  He also gets a little milk in the mornings since Lilac holds back some unless she knows he's getting his fair share.