July 20, 2011

A Bold Young Farmer

We've had a lot of help with haying so far this summer...it's too bad the weather hasn't cooperated. 

July 7, 2011

Cool Drink of Water

The chicks that have been inside for the last few weeks are almost ready to make the move out into the pasture and the chicken tractor that Ryan finished today.  The nights are warm enough, and the chicks are just starting to develop true feathers.  It's amazing how much food and water twenty-five baby chickens go through on a daily basis, and I'm sure they'll be much happier on a diet of fresh grass, clover and bugs.

July 5, 2011


The calendar may have noted the turning of the seasons a couple of weeks ago, but here on the farm summer doesn't officially start until the first hay is cut.  We've had a stretch of beautiful weather, and (as you can see) the hay is ready.  Ryan took Fred and Clark out for a few trips around the upper pasture in the morning, and then used two of the Fjords to finish things up in the afternoon.  To make things easier for the smaller horses, Ryan has modified a No. 4 mower with a shorter cutting bar which doesn't take as much power to cut through the tall grass.