April 4, 2010

Chickens and Eggs

Here we have one of the farm's Barred Plymouth Rock chickens.  There are (at least by my last count), seventeen hens and two roosters.  The hens started laying in earnest two or three months ago, and on an average day, we can expect about a dozen eggs.  A couple of the hens have recently shown signs of broodiness, but still seem to be leaving the eggs at night.

The Barred Rocks are, by all accounts, good dual purpose birds, and they became quite tame very quickly.  And since we don't have any pigs just now, the chickens are good for getting rid of the kitchen scraps.  Just don't get your fingers too close at feeding time...  


  1. What is the 'barred' part? I have plymouth rocks too... maybe 'barred'? How are you guys? Good job.

  2. Hi Aaron...the "barred" refers only to the markings on the bird. They also come in "buff," "Columbian M," "Partridge," and a few other models. The "barred" variety is seems to be the most popular. Thanks for reading the blog!

  3. Here are some great chicken photos...if there is such a thing as a great chicken photo.