September 5, 2010

Bringing in the Sheaves

We harvested the oats last week, and despite a little bit of rain, everthing is now safely in the barn. Thanks to Ed for these photos.


  1. Really enjoy checking out your blog. Grew up in Marysville and spent plenty of time along the Stilly, but the allure of cheap farmland drew us out to the midwest (my wife's original location) in SW Michigan, where we're now up to similar activities.

    I'm envious of your binder/thresher! Have been figuring out how to grow corn out here, but have been keeping an eye open for a pull-behind combine like an old All-Crop. Haven't grown any small grains yet, but they're in our sights.

    Have what I think is the same hayloader, and a similar manure spreader, both of which are wonderful!

  2. I assume that's oat straw going into the barn?