November 24, 2010

Stormy Weather II

Winter came early to the farm this year with about 8 inches of snow falling through the evening yesterday, followed by clear skies and sub-freezing temperatures.  We usually get these kinds of storms in December and January, but hardly ever, according to the long-time locals, before Thanksgiving.

The cold probably finished off the mangel tops, which were providing good feed for the chickens and the pigs, but there are still plenty of the roots themselves which should have weathered the cold without much trouble.  The carrots are likely finished, but the collards should be fine.

We spent some time this last summer getting the barn more warm and snug for the winter months.  Mike finished all the doors and windows, and we have plenty of good hay and straw.  

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  1. "sub-freezing temperatures"? Seriously? What about sub-ZERO temperatures!!! Gave up on my carrots weeks ago when they were covered in snow and now we have a few feet out there in the fields. Spinach is still good in the greenhouse + some carrots (if the mice don't eat them first). Covering & uncovering morning and night as needed. Oh...winter in WY. I'm even learning how to plow snow this year. Holding off on using the tractor still. Love to you all. Happy Thanksgiving! Tara