March 15, 2010

Walla Walla Onions

We've already started a lot of different seeds indoors so far this spring, but today was the day for planting the Walla Walla onions outside in the garden.  These sweet onions are a big favorite here on the farm, so hopefully almost two whole rows will be enough.  The Walla Walla onion was first developed around 1900 by Peter Pieri, a French soldier who brought the seeds with him to eastern Washington from Corsica.  Selective breeding has produced the large, round and sweet onion we know today.  These seedlings should be ready around the end of July, or the first part of August, when the tops start to wither and turn brown.  They don't keep forever, so plan your grilled hamburgers, jambalaya and French Onion soup now!


  1. Ryan-- outstanding! In my humble opinion, selective breeding is the only way to go. GMO movements tend to favor wealth accumulation and dangerous corporate-funded science while claiming to be the solution to world hunger...that we already have in our real farming families.

  2. I love this bloggy thing. I hope you keep it going.