May 8, 2010

Big John and Princess

Here we have the cattle royalty of Littlefield Farm.  Big John is a four-year old Dexter bull and the sire of most of the current generation on the farm.  For a bull, he has a fairly mellow temper, but has been known to indulge in the occasional hot-blooded bender, tearing up fences and gates, as well as anything foolishly left out in his pasture.  His consort is the venerable Princess (or Princess Georgina), a female Hereford of indeterminate age, who, to my knowledge, has never been bred and is long past that capability today.  She has had her share of unfortunate medical issues in the past, and to put it gently, is not the most attractive cow in the pasture.  She is cross-eyed, lumpy, and her "moo" sounds something like a broken foghorn.  But I am obviously no judge of bovine beauty since Big John seems to think that Princess is the finest cow to ever chew her cud.  He can be very territorial around her, and he follows her everywhere...which is quite useful when it comes time to move to a new pasture.  Somehow, Princess always knows when it's time to move, and she leads the way with Big John and everyone else in tow.

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