May 1, 2010

Galinas in the Greenhouse

We've moved about twenty tomato plants (and their soil blocks that were started back in March) from the small greenhouse into the new portable greenhouse and directly into the garden soil.  Here are a few plants of the Galina variety, a small yellow tomato from Siberia with amazing flavor.  An early variety, they mature in sixty days or so.  We've also planted Amish Paste, Glacier, and Sasha tomatoes (the Sasha variety, also from Siberia, have an interesting story you can read at:

The space in the bed for each plant was prepared with some crushed egg shell and a little compost.  When watering, I try to avoid spraying the plant itself, even though in this photo, if you look closely enough, you can see drops of water on some of the leafs.  I'm going to blame it on condensation.

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